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Notice of Approval of Comprehensive Performance Test (CPT) Plan, September 4, 2020 (PDF)

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Project Delta Quarterly Update, Construction Update September 2019 (PDF)

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Project DELTA Public Meeting January 8, 2019 (PDF)

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Norlite Announces Major Facility Modernization Project

Norlite, LLC (Norlite), a lightweight aggregate facility located in Cohoes, New York has announced plans for a major facility improvement project. Norlite's parent company, Tradebe Environmental Services, LLC (Tradebe) plans to invest approximately $30 million (USD) into modernization of the facility's two lightweight aggregate kiln's Air Pollution Control (APC) systems and associated components . This project, named Project Delta will bring significant environmental benefits while helping the facility meet the increasing demand for lightweight aggregate in the New York and surrounding northeast markets.

Norlite, part of the Cohoes community since 1956, recycles energy recovered from waste solvents and oils generated from the manufacturing of commercial chemical products, thereby reducing use of fossil fuels, conserving non-renewable energy resources and reducing emissions of greenhouse gases. This alternative fuel is used to heat the two rotary kilns that expand shale mined on site for use in structural, geotechnical fill and horticultural (green roof) applications. Using lightweight aggregate in construction reduces overall energy consumption thereby reducing the associated lifecycle costs, supporting sustainable development and contributing to projects becoming certified in the Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) program, a green building rating system. Norlite's product is available for virtually all building project types, including new construction, reconstruction and garden maintenance.

Project Delta will replace Norlite's current wet scrubber APC system with a state of the art semi-dry scrubber system. This enhancement will not only provide more efficiency to the APC, it will also eliminate the treated wastewater discharged to the local Mohawk River and provide a more effective material handling system which enhances control for dust particle emissions.

Tradebe's Chief Development Officer, Sergio Nusimovich, comments, "We are very excited to see Project Delta developing. The investment in Norlite will have a positive environmental impact along with the facility improvements. Growth and sustainability is beneficial for the community, the environment, Norlite personnel and regional industry."

Tradebe has spent years evaluating the technology. Beginning in 2016, with the issuance of a new Title V air permit, Tradebe executives identified the APC as the next logical facility improvement project. Throughout 2017 and 2018, Norlite conducted modelling, which included an in-depth process technology evaluation and a pilot test, leading up to the final decision to adopt the technology. In January 2018, Norlite and Tradebe technical and regulatory representatives met with the NYSDEC Region 4 Office to present Project Delta and the proposed approach. As of October 2018, the Title V permit modification application, that included Project Delta, has been submitted and construction plans are in the final stages of development. Construction is expected to begin in the Spring of 2019 and be completed by January 2020.

Norlite's corporate social responsibility supports several community organizations and other beneficial community projects and events. Norlite's Public Participation Plan provides the community with the opportunity to learn more about Project Delta as well as provide input and ask questions. Interested parties can review the Public Participation Plan by contacting NYS DEC, the Cohoes public Library or the company's web site at

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