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Other Uses

Ground Cover

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Norlite as Ground Cover
Norlite as Ground Cover
Norlite as Ground Cover

Norlite decorative stone provides a rustic beauty previously only available in organic materials, but will not fade, deteriorate or rot like organic mulches.

At half the weight of natural stone, Norlite is easy to place, rake and maintain and does not need to be replaced year after year.


  • Consistent earth-tone color
  • Free-draining
  • One ton covers 266 sq ft at 2 inch depth
  • Won't bring in weeds or disease to your plants
  • Non staining
  • Colorfast-doesn't fade
  • Won't Mold
  • Protects plant roots
  • Easy leaf removal
  • Won't wash away
  • Cost effective
  • No need to replace every year
  • Durable