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Other Uses


Asphalt produced with Norlite Lightweight Aggregate offers superior skid-resistance while extending roadway life. Click here for more.

Ground Cover

Norlite decorative stone provides a rustic beauty previously only available in organic materials, but will not fade, deteriorate or rot like organic mulches. Click here for more.

Refractory Concretes

Norlite has many advantages as a refractory material, including: high thermal insulation, high structural strength, light weight, low expansion and contraction, fuel savings, reduced maintenance and installation cost. Click here for more.


Shotcrete is pneumatically applied portland cement mortar made with an intimate mixture of Norlite and either portland cement or Lumnite cement. Norlite/Lumnite concrete can achieve a strength level in 24 hours which normally can only be obtained with a similarly proportioned Type 1 portland cement concrete in 28 days. Click here for more.