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LEED & Sustainability

A Holistic Approach

Rotary-kiln-produced structural lightweight aggregate is an environmentally friendly product that saves material, labor and transportation cost, as well as improves the functionality and service life of concrete. Additionally, using lightweight aggregate will lower the overall energy consumption of structures thereby reducing the associated life cycle costs throughout the structure's useful life. These benefits support sustainable development and contribute to projects becoming LEED certified.

When viewed from an overall perspective, the utilization of SLA is a small but important step forward. The lightweight aggregate industry acknowledges that for the successful achievement of truly sustainable development, a fundamental shift in attitudes, belief systems and conscious behavior must take place. Considering the fact that architecture (building performance) accounts for a major part of total U.S. energy consumption, initial cost should no longer be the sole determining criteria when evaluating the usefulness of a product or structure. All construction materials must be evaluated from a total life cycle assessment. This is the only way to determine the total impact of a product or structure. To develop a sustainable world we must shift from our current short-term ways and attitudes, to a long-term, holistic mind-set that recognizes performance and the interdependence of all life.

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